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Author Bio 1: Professional

Milla Chaplin Rae grew up in Jersey (Channel Islands). She embarked on an international marketing and communications career after graduating from the University of Leeds with a first class degree in Chinese and German. Milla began her career in 2008 with the WPP Group, winning a place on their Marketing Fellowship program which opened the door (and her eyes) to the possibility of professional adventure, pursuit of which would lead Milla to Yangon in 2015 where she fell in love with both the country and her husband, Dylan. 


Milla and Dylan lived and worked in Myanmar for six years until the 2021 military coup forced them to leave and triggered the series of events which would result in Milla’s debut book - her memoir NOT QUITE TO PLAN.


Milla now lives in Mumbai with Dylan and their two-year-old son Jasper, who was just two months old when the coup upended his parents’ lives. 

Author Bio 2: Personal

Milla Chaplin Rae grew up in Jersey (Channel Islands). After graduating with a degree in Chinese and German, she embarked on a marketing and communications career which would take her to Beijing, New York and London before leading her to Yangon, where she fell in love with both Myanmar and her husband, Dylan. 


NOT QUITE TO PLAN marks Milla’s debut as an author and details her rather extraordinary first year as a mother: a year in which she navigated the global pandemic, the 2021 Myanmar military coup and six months of involuntary separation from her husband - all with a newborn baby in tow.

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